An Introduction

Welcome to the latest incarnation of my little corner of the Internet.

I’ve had a static (really static) web page for years. The web is a a dynamic place, however, and there are plenty of changes currently occurring. The “traditional” social networks of the last 10+ years are falling out of favor. We are on the cusp of moving from centralized data back to decentralized information. Where does that leave this site? To be honest, I’m not sure the direction I’ll take. Privacy is more important now than it was in my twenties. Should I go for minimal visibility, with only a few links to other sites and my c.v.? A subscription-only site for those interested in keeping up with my activities and hobbies? A full-on public wall replacing the likes of Twitter and Facebook, but without their walled garden?

Time (both actual and as an available resource) will tell…






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